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Minoter is a holding with particular expertise in highly complex operations. The company was developed on the strength of a strong propensity for challenge, an extensive knowledge of the field and an exceptional degree of competence. An active member of ASPESI (National Association for Real Estate Promotion and Development) which together with ANCE (National Association of Building Constructors) has united to form the “Real Estate Council” with the aim of encouraging the promotion and development of the real estate market. Operational in the field since the 1970’s, Minoter engages highly qualified consultants, designers and technicians. The company fully exploits the group synergies,in particular the CUALBU construction company, in order to guarantee a high quality standard and excellent level of know-how, efficiency and competence of human resources and the use of avant garde technology in operational models.

TERRITORY: urban recovery, territorial development, services, town planning, infrastructures, waterworks, irrigation, reclamation, networks;

RENOVATION: operations involving cultural heritage and recovery of the historical building patrimony;

EXCHANGES: integrated management offices, construction projects in the fields of retail, banking, tourism and leisure;

INDUSTRY: industrial building projects and turnkey manufacturing plants;

ENVIRONMENT: twaste treatment and disposal, wastewater treatment (wastewater depuration, drinking water systems, reclamation of rivers), environmental recovery of degraded areas.


The procedure leading to achievement of the company goals entails an overall vision of how reality could take shape in an integrated project extending from concept to achievement. We make every effort to succeed: to recognise opportunities in order to transform wishes and necessities into reality, to conceive future scenarios and focus our attention on the people involved. Minoter strives to contrive and identify new opportunities, rendering them utilizable by the end users. Accordingly, Minoter designs and develops highly complex real estate operations, investing in the entrepreneurial concept and executing the same from start to finish.

The CONCEPT often constitutes a challenge Minoter was conceived in the wake of the keen enthusiasm of Gualtiero Cualbu and his awareness of the reality surrounding him. His wish to pursue the evolution of the company using outstanding production technologies led to the introduction of the company on the market with the aim of meeting the unmet demand for specific goods and services, reclaiming existing properties and proffering purpose-developed assets. The concept forms the foundation for the company development process and expressly coincides with the desire to conceive new realities in which man and the environment integrate in a balanced manner in full respect of the requirements of modern-day society whilst bearing in mind historic features of the areas involved and tasks performed.
FEASIBILITY coincides with reality. In association with public corporations, institutions and private companies Minoter carries out detailed analyses of the market situation. Feasibility studies are conducted by means of a series of appointments, meetings and questions between the parties: from legislation to market survey, from area research to identification of partners and human resources, from technical, planning, economical and financial surveys to impact assessment. Subsequently the actual stage of practical analysis is enacted in order to identify specific problems and common objectives.

FINANCIAL PLANNING to avoid jumping in head first. Identification of all requirements in order to anticipate problems: one of the main activities carried out by Minoter. Defining and sourcing of financial resources, careful preparation of a business plan and constant checking of project conformity represent key issues for success. The latter justifies the careful attention paid to detail in drawing up a financial plan, in order to reduce risks to a minimum and ensure the realisation of the project within the time schedule established at outset.

PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT in full compliance with implemental legislation. Planning lies at the heart of tasks performed by Minoter. Right from the start of the initiative up until construction, the entire process is managed providing continual assistance throughout all stages, together with a particular care for detail during construction. All with one main aim: to simplify complex tasks, afford solutions capable of improving the quality of the territory, the environment, life and relationships.

MANAGEMENT & SALES to leave nothing to chance. Nothing is left to chance: Minoter keeps a check on everything, from direct management of the end product to the selecting of end-users, purchasers and investors. The product developed features a lasting monetary worth that increases on a par with its usage. Accordingly, Minoter is involved in the management of projects developed and in the selling of properties and activities in full conformity with the original concept: valorisation of an area with an aim to achieving integration with the requirements of the resident population.

ACHIEVEMENT, from concept to tangibility. The design has taken shape, the project has been developed, a new reality has been created Minoter has reached its goal: to create monetary worth for persons and activities, towns and territories, companies and investors. Minoter boasts an outstanding history of success and excellence. The projects undertaken in the fields of construction, real estate, industry and the environment are unfailingly collocated as to quality and distinction at predominant levels on the domestic and international scenario, enhancing the creation of a balance between profits and ideals. SpA Via Galassi 2 09131 Cagliari Italia
Tel. +39 070 505355 Fax. +39 070 505157. P.Iva 00303050926